The specialists in complex
concrete formwork projects for Sydney
and surrounding areas.

Curved Walls

There is no project to difficult for West Sydney Formwork. We are the curved wall and tank experts.

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Suspended Slabs

Superior mezzanines and suspended concrete slabs. Perfect for commercial, industrial and residential.

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Peri Systems

We use premium PERI formwork systems and solutions for quality assurance, precision and excellence.

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We are a family run
business with over 20
years experience

We specialise in all types of concrete formwork. Servicing Sydney and surrounding suburbs in Commercial, Industrial or Residential, we have the resources and expertise to fulfil all your formwork needs. There is no project too complex for our team. Factory Units, Curved walls and Tanks or Retaining walls and Peri Systems, no job is out of our reach.

West Sydney Formwork Services & Capabilities


Suspended Concrete Slabs

Concrete slab floors come in many forms and can be used to provide great thermal comfort and lifestyle advantages compare to the alternatives. Conventional concrete has high-embodied energy. It is termite resistant and can stand the test of time.

Stairs and Retaining Walls

There are many advantages of having concrete stairs. The first is they are long lasting. They also don't require special maintenance and can stand any weather change. In addition, you can build concrete stairs in a multitude of designs, as well as the addition of marvellous finishes and decoration.

Straight and Curved Walls

We have the resources and expertise to construct all walls for all homes. No design is out of our reach. Concrete walls will help lower your energy bills, provide greater comfort and quiet, are pest proof, fire resistant, and require less repair and maintenance over time.

Round and Square Columns

Round or square? Either way, you have come to the right place. Whether your columns are for structural purposes or intended as a modern design feature, West Sydney Formwork have the experience and capabilities you require.

Industrial and Commercial


Mezzanines are the best way to create more floor for space for your business and building. Our suspended concrete slabs are durable, versatile and weight bearing. Our team work on factories, and construction business sights. With the highest quality workmanship at every stage.

Columns and Stairs

We have the expertise to complete any project with great detail and precision. Concrete stairs and columns are not only more durable than most other materials, they also require less repair and maintenance saving you money over time.

Straight and Curved Walls

For jobs that are our of conventional formwork capabilities like curved walls, we use advanced PERI pre-assembled made to measure panels. We also use conventional formwork for straight walls. No job is too complex for our team.

Peri Systems and Tanks

We are the PERI systems experts. Curved walls, tanks, all aspect of concrete formwork. These pre-cast made to measure panels enable us to access all types of jobs that would not be accessible with traditional conventional formwork. There is no project out of reach for our team.